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Welcome to my blog….more to come.

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11 Responses to “Hello world!”

  • Rafael Peixoto Ferreira Says:

    Welcome, finally Mike! It’s in my bookmarks already.


  • Ben Mical JR Says:

    Good stuff

  • admin Says:

    thanks everyone. a lot of great congrats came by e mail so they are not here. no winners on the photo contest although roman coppola got 3.5 correct.

  • Annie Moses Says:

    MIKE SALISBURY – HOLY SHIT!!!!! I LOVE your website and blog and all you’ve done. I’m blown away. You are the bomb! And I love that video you made – it’s so alive, smart, creative, cool, groovy, deep, everything. And the photo of Wendell in bed in the morning is so extraordinary. Wow. All your work … is amazing. Well done Michael, I am really impressed! Now I know who to recommend to anyone who needs branding. Give my love to Wendell.
    Why didn’t you tell me all of this years ago before I went and said I was a photographer!!!!

  • ollie Says:

    When do you think you can update with another entry comparable this. I feel that whole subject of indie music needs to get noticed more.

    admin Reply:

    good idea. it will take some work..but fun.

  • Jeremy Says:

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  • Stacey Reidler Says:

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  • Kevin Paskin Says:

    You can get a number of really great points made here. Exciting, I am thankful to you.

  • Ellie Franklin Says:

    thanks !! very entertaining post!

  • Tobias Agins Says:

    I must say, I thought this was a pretty interesting read.. Liked the material. . . . .