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George Harrison; photo by Mike Salisbury


Photo by Mike Salisbury


On the grounds at George's "Crackerbox Palace."

Chris Salisbury trailing by Mike Salisbury


(The following text was originally published in One Hell Of An Eye on January 21, 2010: The Quiet Beatle)


At 12 years of age my son Christopher was trailing slightly behind me in the long hallway of George Harrison’s Crackerbox Palace at Henley on Thames, England. the Greenhouse; photo by Mike Salisbury

With slightly perplexed attention, he was studying the gallery of Beatles pictures stretched all the way down the walls–a complete history of John, Paul, George and Ringo.  George had met us at the front door and was  silently leading us through the hall to the kitchen where Stevie Winwood and guitar hero Alvin Lee were hanging out over morning tea.  George and I were to discuss the photos I was shooting for his album “George Harrison,”  an assignment given to me by the late, great Warner Bros. Records art director, Ed Thrasher, and producer Russ Titelman.

The final cover: "George Harrison"; shot by Mike Salisbury.

As we approached the kitchen, Chris ran up beside George and I and – not quietly – said, “Dad, those guys in the photos…I thought they all were dead.”


Warner Brothers uber-producer Russ Titelman & George; photo by Mike Salisbury



Mike, I really love this photo. Great! Mike F.

Thanks. Just found it and Lorraine cleaned it. MS

I love George! My favorite Beatle always. I didn’t even know that we were birthday mates practically. Annie F.

Wow. Cool, Annie. MS

Mike, thank you very much for that photo. We framed the photo of George you gave us. It is one of our favorite things. Regards, Mike P.

Thanks, Mike. MS

Pure romantic deep pop at its best…thanks. Richard L.

Thanks, Richard. MS

I loved Thrasher…Barbra WB.

Great guy. MS

I just watched The Concert for Bangladesh the other day. The first concert to raise money for a social cause. George Harrison brought us awareness of the world. Happy Birthday, George. Bob S.

Superb shot. One of the better ones of him I’ve seen. George was a more interesting and compelling talent solo than any of the others except for John. Sad he had to leave early. rcc

Thanks, Robert. Just found that shot. MS

Great pics, Mike. George seemed like a kind, sweet person. Your pictures reflect that nicely. Mark A.

Thanks, Mark. MS

Hi, Mike, I’ve been listening to him a lot as I paint away. Much appreciated…finding inspiration is a wonderful thing~ Thanks and warm wishes. Trish.

Thanks, Trish. I like your book a lot. I will think of some possible directions for you. MS

Mike, I am always amazed about the work and talent you collaborated with – your creations are legendary – thanks for keeping me updated. Miss you my friend and only the best. Franz

Thanks, Franz. MS


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6 Responses to “Happy Birthday, George Harrison!”

  • World Spinner Says:

    One Hell of An Eye » Happy Birthday, George Harrison!…

    Here at World Spinner we are saying the same thing……

  • Tina Romanus Says:

    Hi Mike,

    Gorgeous photos! You both were so pretty; good subjects to photograph. Thanks for sharing these.

    Kindest regards,
    Lorraine’s friend-Tina

    MS Reply:

    thanks tina.

  • Fairbanks Says:

    You never cease to amaze, Mike! All creative people should be required to spend a week in front of your camera every year. Without Mike Salisbury, life would be a mistake. Much thanx for sharing George.

    MS Reply:

    thanxx maxx!!!

  • Sara Says:

    What an incredible share Mike. George was such a peaceful presence and beautiful heart. How wonderful it must be to photograph some of these people, very lucky man Mike. x