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Broad white walls of welcoming space. Great Italian food and friendly service. Venice Beach location. Capri restaurant owner Alona Cooke told me some of my celebrity portraits would  be a perfect  complement. A show. An exhibition. “Celebrity Access” she titled it.

We went through my photographs and she ultimately picked those with a turn of the head, a back turned, eyes shut or with baseball, the American flag and apple pie. I like her choices.  The twelve that are currently hanging each have a story of their own.


Celebrity western tailor to the stars--Nudie Cohn.


Jolting Joe DiMaggio with one of his nine World Series rings.

Roy & Dale with Trigger & Bullet.


New Journalism author Tom Wolfe.


Tina Turner cooling out.

George Harrison at his Crackerbox Palace.


John Cale for the cover of his album Paris 1919.


Painter Ed Ruscha in his Western Avenue, L.A. studio.


Martin Sheen on the boat; Apocalypse Now.


Andy Warhol and crew at the Paramount Pictures studio gate, Hollywood.


Alfred Hitchcock.


Francis Ford Coppola on the boat in the Philippines shooting Apocalypse Now.

Alona did a good job…they look nice up on those walls.  Work may be viewed every day from 5:30pm or by appointment, through April 15th. All of the pieces are available for purchase if you’re so inclined:)

Address: Capri Restaurant, 1616 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice, CA 90291. For information call Alona Cooke @ (310) 392.8777. Stop by for a drink, dinner, or a just to take a look.

Tell Alona Mike Salisbury sent you.

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Love those old round gas pumps (Tom Wolfe photo)….David L.


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“I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate!”–Black Helmet, Spaceballs

My Great Grand Uncle Big Bill Devery: "Take success in idea is 75% of it is energy, 20% knowing how, and 10% luck. But Luck ain't goin' to walk in and shake hands with any man."

From the Mayflower, the Irish Potato Famine, to the first Police Chief of New York City, the New York Yankees, and the stealing of the holy grail of sports — the Yankees’ justifiably titled iconic logo. Happy St. Patrick’s Day from our family to yours.



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(Originally posted last year on my birthday…March 12, 2010!)

Carly Simon said, “Mike, celebrate your birthday by shaving off that beard.”

"In The Pocket" covers, parts 1 & 2

Jack Kerouac, Buckwheat, Tony “Two-Ton” Galento, Gianni Agnelli, Agent 99-Barbara Feldon, Salvatore “the Bull” Gravano, Liza Minnelli, Mitt Romney, Darryl Strawberry, Jon (Timmy of Lassie) Provost, Marlon Jackson, John Andretti…

Bearded Mike, photographer
“Before” shot: Bearded Mike, photographer

…add my cousin — who won’t cop to being related to me — Joseph.  (He always had this Anglo Saxon family side vs the Irish side thing…and to make the point visually, he never took that black ash dot off his forehead — all year long it was there.  I just think he just really didn’t want me to tell anyone he knew me.  And I knew that his brother ran guns to the IRA out of his florist business.  Explain that to anyone, let alone the cousins with the big eagle-encrusted agency rings in the FBI, ATF, Secret Service, CIA.  But I really think he was more sensitive about having the florist thing in the family rather than the IRA thing.)

Also list my late uncle, Gordon Dunning, CMDR, USN, and James Taylor and what do we learn, kids?

That we all have the same birthday.

It was a March 12th afternoon after a Norman Seeff photo shoot for one of the two album covers we created for James, all totally wrangled by Grammy-winning producer, Russ Titleman.

James Taylor - "Gorilla" cover.
James Taylor – “Gorilla” cover

In their big Tudor house, James turned to Carly and me and said, “Happy one more birthday to us,” chugged down a Heinekin, and with a burp and a satisfied smile said, “Nothing takes the edge off like beer and a Valium.”  Hmm.  I never thought of James Taylor as edgy.

I thought about what Carly said and asked myself, how could anyone say “no” to that, especially coming from her.  So I did it.  Cut it all off.  Right there in Sweet Baby James’ Beverly Hills bathroom, singing to myself, “You’re so vain…”

Mike & Zorro, post beard.

Not much later, on location at a classic period hacienda right in the best of the old L.A. left from the days of Cecil B. DeMille – Los Feliz – at another shoot for the marketing campaign of “Zorro, the Gay Blade,” I took my picture with George Hamilton. (I think I took all these photos with celebrities for the wall of the eventual pizza take-out or barbershop or Hollywood dry cleaners I would own.)

“After” – Mike & Zorro

Looking at that picture I took of George and me by holding the camera in our noses, I realized George is a really good sport and that this was the first time I had seen my beardless face in a photograph.  This is why he is the movie star, I thought.  He actually looks like one.

With Superman speed, grabbing my Sharpie before anyone found the evidence of my facial nudity, I quickly retouched the picture to make my naked face more dashing…like Zorro.



The young Birthday Boy explores his world...


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I read Spirits in the Sky and Happy Birthday to Us today, in your honor.  Amazing prose, detailed experiences and a wonderful life well lived—cheers!  Best, Eric P.

Happy Birthday, Mike. The blog is great.  Bob G.

Oh, not “you probably think this song is about you”? Ha ha!  Happy Birthday!  Jill B.